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MD Omar Makki Is The Youngest SEO Expert and Specialist in Bangladesh
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What SEO Skills Make MD Omar Makki Best SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

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Posted on: 12/20/21


Hey, You are there for the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh.If I ask you, who is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh? What will be your answer is. Your answer must depend on someone who is an expert in white hat SEO and who knows all about SEO. So when you think you need to hire someone who is best in all over SEO. Then you can easily pick or choose MD Omar MakkiMD Omar Makki is an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

What SEO Skills Make MD Omar Makki Best SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

Well, You will find out about many SEO service providers in Bangladesh. But keep in mind their freelancing career profile. Are they Expert in SEO, Do they know white hat SEO Techniques are they comfortable with the best link building strategy. If the answer is Yes, then you can easily choose them. But If the answer is No. Then you have to pick the best SEO agency in Bangladesh.

With 2 Years of SEO Trainer. MD Omar Makki makes himself the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh and creates a super SEO agency with his students. You can easily pick TechMakki.Com so that your website can gain up more traffic and more sales.

5 ways to Choose the Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

SEO is the best way to get Organic traffic. You will get two types of SEO services from MD Omar Makki and his team. The first one is Local SEO Service in Bangladesh and International SEO.

Local SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh:

Suppose you want to rank your website in your local area, like an SEO expert in Sylhet or SEO Expert in Dhaka (Specific any area). Then you have to pick up a Local SEO Agency in Bangladesh and MD Omar Makki is the Best Local SEO Specialist in Bangladesh. And SEO Probd is the Best Leading local SEO Agency. You can easily pick them for your local website ranking.

The Best 5 Skills that MD Omar Makki have as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh:


  1. WordPress Website Setup
  2. Low Competitive and High Demanding Keywords Choose
  3. Advance On-Page SEO
  4. Technical SEO
  5. WordPress Website Optimisation
  6. Guest Post Backlinks
  7. Advanced Link Building Strategy
  8. Google Analytics/Google Search Console
  9. Website Ranking Strategy
  10. Advance Reporting format


Why You Choose Monthly SEO Service in Bangladesh


Every Company will search for affordable SEO service in Bangladesh, and If you really want a cheap affordable SEO service in Bangladesh SEO Service provider then you have to choose MD Omar Makki because he is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh and known as Best SEO Trainer in Bangladesh as well.

In Monthly Package:


   1. 30 Keyword Research

  1. Content Writing
  2. On-Page SEO (5 Pages)
  3. Technical SEO ( Sitemaps, robots.txt, canonical)
  4. WordPress website speed (90+ on Page speed insight)
  5. 30 Backlinks
  6. 5 Guest post Backlinks

   8. Keywords Rank on Google 1st page


MD Omar Makki is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh and If you really want to rank your website you have to choose white hat best SEO Service provider in Bangladesh. Just contact him and let him know your website URLs, Locations and targeted keywords he will get back to you with the best SEO solutions.


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